New website!
Posted on Apr 5th, 2009

The HOA is pleased to announce the launch of as a helpful resource for residents of Mount Kisco Chase. Please add it to your browser\'s bookmarks now and check back often for updates. And of course, please forward any comments, suggestions or content to the webmaster for inclusion on the site!
Your contributions are essential to the value of the site!  You are encouraged to post new photos, add your information to both the residents directory as well as the babysitter directory, and post classified ads. (Please use common sense when submitting ads as this is a family site).  If you have a poll question to submit please send an email to webmaster using "Contact us" webform.
We hope you use and enjoy  If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the webmaster or any member of the board.
Mount Kisco Chase HOA Board
April, 2009